torsdag den 26. januar 2012

RoadTales For You !!! / Travelling ???

Thinking of a short weekend Trip to the Seaside or Mountains... We have it All for you !!!

                                         ENJOY THE VIEWS !!!! makes a difference !!! pls 

Paul, when I was younger, built a bug, into a custon bug flared fenders, used tiger hair ,cut rear  wrap around , 4 bolts, 5 wires...oops blew that motor, got a spare... VW's are a lot of fun, at least old models were so easy to work on ...Hollie high rise, headers, 4 barrol carberator... we really enjoyed back roads in Ma... SouthShore, builders..... Nothing their when we started.... We built homes, my family..., Construction is a very good trade, injured , switched field.... still boils my blood when I think of All the places I went in that VW BUG.  Hey theirs a dirt Road, ZOOM  ZOOM !!! high tension wires another area could enjoy, Sand Pits, no Problem....  ONE time, behind the Drive in Theatre , Canton, MA.  Got stuck 3' Water, my buddy towed me out...boy was he mad!!!! ice began freezing  so ,we used his truck 4x4 with tow rope to get me out !!!  I could go on & on the trips, & Tales of my VW BUG !!!   seal the Floors , the bug floats....nd balloon Tires Too !!! sand , water, grass, Anything ....Alot of Fun, put 3 point roll bar inside, roll cage around rear protect motor & Transmission... cld go on & on   Experience one Yourself... like a model kit-car .  Stay Tuned for further stories ,regarding RoadTales & Tips !!!  As I stated, could keep talking about the Trip n travels of my VW bug.  Many times while working in the outpost of the region, we would bring 25 gallon jugs of water, Coffee, & food storage , for when working, YOU WORK !!!   Ah , what a great Time we had , developing properties , for many '  When you have 150 + acres of land, our playground, we brought the roads ,
utilities, and progress to the area.  Almost like the wild west !!! YEA HA !!!
When in the outback, you do ? want... Yet as we developed, so did each of my family members... sister in college, everyone else working on the property... as we grew older ( we all went in many directions  ( Italians, WE ARE FAMILY !!)
With our building, each had their toyus , camero's, Malibus, VW bug ++, Vans & So many others. will help you create Your Dream !!!

                         TRIPS N TALES OF A BUILDERS SON !!!

As I said earlier enjoyed driving my VW bug, won 2 nd place auto show;  show

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  1. Have time,looking for a fun new ride, Seacoast VW Can help ...!!!

  2. GET READY ALL YOU MOTORCYCLE ENTHUASTIAST... pLAN Your Trips Early, Book those Far-away hotels, be certain you have a Bed to Bunk in too !!! Many locations are booking up quickly, SO be certain to call reserve your Spot Too !!!

  3. As I had mentioned travelling to the Bhamas was incredible. I had rented a boat, Valentino was the name of his Tours. My fiance wanted to see the coral, travelling from island to island , amazing colors , clear blue water. Everyone should have a chance to see the beauti the Island offer. Now back in the day when I was there, You Tube was not available, now you can view so many areas on You Tube, without the exspense $$$.

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